These days, there are so many freelancers doing just about everything you could possibly imagine. The millennial generation is really into freelancing with so many making a living as a “digital nomad” working from one freelance gig to another (hence the term “gig economy”) and never regretting for a moment not following a traditional path of a blue suit and an 8×8′ cubicle. The good news with that is, where there are freelancers, there are freelancer sites supporting them.

But how do you get jobs as a freelancer?

There are many avenues to follow:

  • Good old-fashioned networking with those whom you know
  • Cold calling on local businesses
  • Cold emails to businesses (you need to get email addresses… and there are widgets and plugins for this!)
  • LinkedIn networking (a premium account is absolutely necessary)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram
  • Freelancing websites

If you’re looking for help tracking down email addresses, download Chrome and go to the Chrome marketplace.  Look for a plugin called “Hunter.  Here’s what it looks like, once you install it into Chrome:



Cool, but what does it do?  Well, when the icon is orange, it has found email addresses relating to the web page you are on.  So if you’re looking to track down an email, you might try going to the businesses’ website, and using hunter to try to get an email address.  Sneaky?  Not really.  It’s not a secret, and Hunter used to be integrated via plugin to LinkedIn (but then LinkedIn stopped support it as of mid 2017).  Anyway, it’s one option to try to get a valid email address for someone you’re trying to contact.

There are also several freelancer websites where you can register, list your rates, your qualifications, etc. and hope that someone comes and searches, finds you and contacts you.  You may wish to get a Google Voice number, so you can use your cellphone but essentially have a completely separate phone number that you may use for business.  Google Voice numbers are free, but it’s a use-it-or-lose it deal with Google.

Common Freelancer Websites:

Make sure you have a fresh profile picture.  You can save money by taking a selfie and uploading here for some digital photo editing magic to make any selfie look like a great profile picture!

Good luck!