As many of you know, my husband (Lou) is in the financial industry. As such, from time to time I am able to share information on various presentations or webinars that may be helpful to our community of AT&T folks who are, might be, or have already been surplussed.


There is an upcoming seminar my husband’s company is hosting by renowned Social Security expert Mary Beth Franklin. Marybeth has done these webinars for his company in the past — all about the ins and outs of Social Security mostly for pre-retirees planning retirement, but often helpful for existing or new retirees as well.


The upcoming session with Mary Beth Franklin is to talk about COVID-19 Impact on Social Security Claiming Decisions.   I’m personally inviting all my fellow AT&T surplussees (or those in fear of it…) to join the webinar –  just complete the registration form below to receive the private webinar access info.


When you register, be on the lookout for an email from info@layofflanding, which is my admin email for this website.  I’m Kate  in case you’re wondering!  I’m a legit person, and you can click on my name there and check me out for real on LinkedIn.

From my husband’s email to his selected clients:


Social Security Strategies During COVID19

It’s rare we have her host a presentation more than once a year, but we feel this topic is important for pre-retirees and those who may have been or may be affected by the pandemic.

As usual, space is limited, so private message me to get registered as soon as possible. I just need your email and phone number, and I’ll email you a private link.

The online seminar is on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Mary Beth’s talk is titled: “COVID-19 IMPACT ON SOCIAL SECURITY CLAIMING DECISIONS” and she will discuss:

1) strategies for claiming Social Security as a result of the pandemic.
2) How claiming early can reduce your benefits and affect your family.
3) What happens if you have already earned more than the annual earnings limit.
4) How to suspend benefits later if your financial situation improves.

About Mary Beth Franklin:

Mary Beth Franklin is a 2016 Hero Award winner from the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), a journalist, and a CFP, Mary Beth Franklin is one of the country’s leading experts on Social Security and Medicare. She is also a columnist on retirement issues for Investment News, served as an editor for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, and is the author of Maximizing Your Social Security Retirement Benefits.

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