For those of you who joined the little webinar to get some ideas on ways yo update an old resume (typesetting/visual) and do the resume-to-job-description-mashup, here’s the deck I walked through that includes the handful of resources I showed.

Many thanks to the volunteer who provided their resume.

In a nutshell, you want to be sure to:

  • apply to the right jobs
  • customize your resume to every single job
  • use the phrasing/language in the job description
  • make sure you have a good, easy to read, modern format
  • align your LinkedIn profile – make it general enough to ‘work’ with all your resume iterations
  • ask friends and colleagues for help with LinkedIn endorsements and/or recommendations where it makes sense
  • get new skills if needed – lots of online training available

The PDF slides are below. The links in the PDF resource section should work. If you’d like to download the slides, click here.


If the links are not linking for you, here they are:

Good luck and be sure to post any questions in the FB group if you have questions. If you want my thoughts, be sure to tag me so I will see it.