Are you overlooking some pretty huge retirement expenses?  Probably.  Many people do.  It’s easy to do.  Most people spend most of their “retirement planning” considering how they’ll spend their leisure time, where they’ll live, and maybe they’ll think about how to get set up on Medicare when the time comes.

What most people tend to overlook are the critical areas of:  Taxes and Long Term Care.

It’s certainly more fun to plan the leisure time of retirement, but it’s really important to think about how you’d pay for long term care, and what your tax obligations will be upon retirement.

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The punchline – it’s far better to plan an effective and efficient retirement than it is to spend oodles of time worrying about retirement. Take the steps today to get the right strategy in place, one that covers protection for your loved ones, helps you manage taxes efficiently, and care for long-term care needs.

And, did you know that long term care insurance is getting harder and harder to find.  Many companies simply don’t offer it anymore because they were losing money on it.  With the rising expense of long term care, whether it’s in-home or in a nursing home, combined with the increasing lifespan of many people has created a dire situation.

There are some insurance companies that still offer long term care insurance, but they are becoming rare.  Some life insurance policies have a built-in provision that covers long term care.  If you’d like to speak to someone about either life insurance or long term care, you can fill out the contact form and my husband Lou will get in touch and answer your questions.

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