Are you interested in becoming Google Analytics certified?  You could qualify for an exciting career (either with a company, or as a freelancer) helping clients understand their website traffic, the results of their marketing efforts, and how to optimize their overall marketing plan.

Or – if you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, you should learn at least the basics of analyzing your website traffic…. otherwise, how will you even know if you have any website traffic?

There is SO much you can do with Google Analytics, and the best part is that it’s free. Not the training – that costs some money, but the actual application of Google Analytics is free. More data than you can imagine, but very helpful in marketing a business.  You can know:

  • How many site visitors you have, what pages they look at and for how long
  • Sort your website traffic by time of day, geographic region and more
  • Look at demographic data like – visitors age and gender
  • Identify what type of device people use to visit your website (tablet, cell phone, desktop)
  • What pages they enter your site on, as well as the exit page
  • Set up re-targeting campaigns – so you can present ads to people who went to your website
  • And more

Whether you want to be a service provider, land a super-sexy corporate job in analytics, or run your own business and know whether your marketing is working….. learning Google Analytics will help you.  Understanding how to optimize marketing campaigns, track results and attribute sales to the correct channels is in growing demand.  Millennials are by far, the most entrepreneurial generation so far, with a high percentage of them ‘doing their own thing.’  I’m sure if you’re active on the internet, on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve seen sponsored ads from seemingly regular people who are now a Guru of some sort.

Many folks with a skill or expertise to sell want to focus on their craft.  They don’t want to also start learning, from the ground up, how to set up tracking codes to drive analytics to make their business more successful.

But if this is your gig, then you can be a freelancer and do this work for them.  It can be 100% remote, as we are all so connected on the internet, there’s no reason to even be in the same country.  Imagine – the whole world is full of potential customers for you.  Do the math.  Figure out what your hourly rate or fee would be, and multiply that by how many customers you could get if you had access to advertise easily to say, millions or tens of millions of people and only .5% buy.  It paints a very nice picture!!!!

If you’re interested in a really thorough and easy to follow, video-based training course that I can personally HIGHLY recommend (I can highly recommend it because I’ve taken it.  And I’m going to re-do it because I went through it in bits here and bits there and I want to really crunch down and get my certification.  This training myself and it’s worth every penny.


Click on the image above, or this link —  Jeffalytics: Get Google Analytics Certified in 30 Days or your money back!!!  (Be sure to double check the “refund/cancelation” policy, but when I took it, if you took the course and could not pass the Google Analytics exam, they’d refund your money.)

There’s a great private facebook group where you can ask questions to the group, or directly to Jeff, and he does reply.   So it’s like being able to call him up, for free, and ask for help. (although it’s not exactly free because you have to buy his course to get into the Facebook group.)   It has been so helpful to me.  If data and websites and marketing online are your thing, consider signing up for this course.  You won’t regret it.

**Note – If you don’t want to know if your website is getting traffic, or don’t like reporting of any kind, then this is probably not for you.