If you are considering taking the lump sum pension buyout, or you want help figuring out how best to roll over your IRA, you can speak to my husband, who’s a financial advisor.  He is licensed in multiple states and can help you figure out the best way to make smart moves with your retirement money so it’ll work for you — now, and in the future — AND minimize taxes.

He is very familiar with AT&T as I’ve been working there 31 years.  Don’t make a move on your money until you at least know some of the factors that you need to consider.

There is not usually a rush to move anything (although the pension buy out has a window between July – September 2019 that folks need to decide…

If you have general questions about how annuities work [they can be BETTER than a pension because… the insurance company backing them is far FAR less likely to have financial trouble than AT&T.] you can visit this website for some information you can read that explains a lot of it.

Just click the green button, fill out your name and the best way to reach you, and my husband Lou (that’s him over to the right, in the picture) will give you a call to answer your questions.

be sure to include what state you live in, as it’s important for understanding tax implications of various options

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