For ex-employees looking to return to AT&T as contractors, be sure to follow the guidelines on how long you must be separated from AT&T before returning. In general, it’s 6-months after your off-payroll date.

There are several contacting companies who work with corporations like AT&T, and getting in touch with them and ensuring they have your current resume on file is a good way to stay in the loop.

Contracting companies also comb through Linked In looking for viable candidates to fill open positions, so be sure to look at contracting companies and network your way to them through Linked In.

Following is a list of contracting firms who have historically been providers to AT&T for contract workers:

www.infoexpertsusa.com972-671-1500 x
www.essential-solutionsllc.com732.572.9600 x

Please note that the contact email addresses and phone numbers may be outdated, but it’s worth a shot to actually reach a person.

Be sure you have a good, professional photo on your Linked In profile. Using a photo from someone’s wedding where you’ve cropped out other people, or using some other inappropriate photo is going to land you in th NO pile. Recruiters indicate that they eliminate candidates who don’t bother to post a profile picture and a professional one at that. Click here to access a good, low cost way to create a professional profile picture (and shave a few wrinkles off if needed).