Since so many folks either didn’t receive the pension plan annual funding notice or misplaced it/threw it away, I figured I’d go on a hunt to find it online.  Unreal how hard it was to find it. You’d think, since Fidelity is the plan registrar, that they’d have a copy of it on their website, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So I have to wonder if that’s because I already rolled my 401K over to an IRA so I don’t have any money in the “AT&T plan” at Fidelity. But my pension money is still there, so not sure what gives with that?!?

Then I tried logging into and I couldn’t find it there either….

Finally, I tried logging into the AT&T retiree website at and then chose the option for “Retirement & Savings” and then clicked on “Summary Plan Descriptions” and then, incredibly, the website opened up a little separate window that was Fidelity which allowed me to see pension documents and 401K documents (even though I don’t have money in the AT&T 401K anymore – rolled that over a long time ago, as I recommend everyone should do.

If you go to the retiree website, then just click on:

  • Retirement & Savings
  • Summary Plan Descriptions & SMM
  • At the bottom, you may need to click on “see 6 more” 
  • then click “Annual Funding Notice”

If you do all this, you’ll get a PDF version of the document which you can print or save.


click here to download the latest at&t pension funding letter