Sometime around the Christmas holiday in 2019, I received a mailing from AT&T “Human Resources-Benefits” — one of those grey, newspaper-type print folded self-mailers sealed only with a couple of taped rounds.

Many people don’t typically look at these documents as they’re ugly and often hard to read. But the worse it looks, the more you should read it, because it’s something legal.

This mailing was the ‘SUMMARY OF EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLAN INFORMATION FOR THE 2018 CALENDAR YEAR” (that’s the title of the piece/front cover). But reading a little bit of the paragraph under the name, lets me know that it’s about the AT&T Pension. It says “Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)…. I need to read no more. When I see ERISA, I know it’s pension related.

This document is the summary of the 228-page full annual report of the AT&T Pension Plan. It offers some basic information from the financial statements of each branch of the overall “Pension” plan.

What’s interesting is that on page 8, the document outlines “YOUR RIGHTS TO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” and indicates “you have a right to receive a copy…..” and goes on to outline your legal rights to obtain the full annual report and how to go about doing that. The document provides a phone number 210-351-3333 as the number to call to get the report.

So I called. Went to voicemail. I left a message. I got a call back.

I’m then informed I need to call Fidelity as it is for the pension….. I said, “why don’t they put the Fidelity phone number in the document then?” silence…

So I called Fidelity. Lovely agent tells me they don’t have the full annual report. Only the Summary Annual Report is on the website available for download. Hmmmm…..

So I call the AT&T number back, leave another message and a nice woman calls me back. We get to talking and I said “In checking with the United States Department of Labor, the CFO of the company signs that report….. so someone in AT&T has it.” I went further to say, if I have to make another call, it’s going to be to him. She the lovely woman I was chatting with is escalating the request (probably not to the CFO though) because believe it or not, I was the 2nd call she got that day about this. I said “Well, I did call twice.” She told me another person — a man — called too. Interesting. Someone else reads this stuff! 🙂

So I continue to wait a call back from AT&T because I would very much like to read the full annual report. I’m curious to see what’s in there because it’s something I’m relying on as part of my retirement plan.

I’ll update this post when I hear back and/or receive a copy of the report.